Dr. David Wolf, DC

I grew up in the country near Platteville, WI and earned a BS in Bio-Medical Sciences from UW-LaCrosse. I then earned my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in October of 2002. In the summer of 2002 I, along with 48 other students, provided humanitarian chiropractic care and service to the people of Nepal. As a group, we literally saw thousands of patients in all age groups. Nepal is a developing country located next to the Himalayan mountain range between India and Tibet, China.

After graduation, I went on to complete an additional six-month residency program with Allied Health Chiropractic Centers. During this time, I was involved with planning and executing various industrial and athletic programs for people of all ages. Some industries I was involved with were John Deere and Wisconsin Public Service. I also put together programs for the Wausau Panthers, a semi-professional football team, the Wausau East girls soccer team, the Wausau West and Newman High School boys soccer teams, the bantam boys hockey team, and an eight week athlete enhancement program coordinated with the Wausau YMCA.

When I finished the residency program I moved to Saukville where I practiced chiropractic for two years. From there, I had the opportunity to open my own practice in the Delafield, WI area. I practiced there for 3 years before selling that practice and purchasing Mukwonago Chiropractic Center.

I became interested in chiropractic because of a sports injury. My senior year in high school I was trying a new 15 foot pole for my pole vault event 3 days before regionals. I didn’t get up to speed enough to make it into the pit and came down from about 15 feet and landed on the cement. Immediately everyone thought that I had broken my ankle. We went to the hospital and they took x-rays. The doctor came back and said that I didn’t have any broken bones. He did say that I had one heck of sprain. So I said fix it and get me back on to the track by Tuesday. He said he was sorry and said that I would be lucky to be walking with out crutches in 3 weeks. That was a downer since I was one of the top ranked pole vaulters and 400 runners in the state. As we were leaving, it just so happened that my assistant pole vault coach was a chiropractor. He said let’s go back to my office and see what I can do for that. He adjusted my ankle and knee and gave me some balance exercises (wobble board). I was running at 50% by regionals on Tuesday and barely got 3rd place in the pole vault and unfortunately couldn’t compete in the 400. But at least I had made it to sectionals which was to be held 2 days later. After some more adjustments the chiropractor had me running at near 100% by that Thursday! I got first and went on to place 4th at State. From that time on I wanted to be a sports chiropractor.